September 17, 2011
Happy Employee is a Good Employee

Many organizations are finding success in a new strategy for gaining a financial and competitive advantage: employee wellbeing. That’s because employee wellbeing has a direct and largely significant impact on the bottom line.

Whether you manage a small team, or run an entire organization of staff, you are already in the position of managing employee wellbeing.

Look at it this way, in many organizations today, there are employees who do not feel like showing up for work, do not bother to give their best effort and waste company time doing unproductive work.

On the other hand, there are companies out there with employees dedicated to do excellent work, who engage their colleagues and customers, show initiative with generating productive ideas and save the company on wasted costs.

Now, which company would you rather be in?

How can you achieve the latter? Check out Twofold's latest programmes on improving your employees' wellbeing today.

We will also be having a month of tips for creating a better work environment for you so stay tuned.

- Twofold Team

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